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Tilt-n-Spin Squirrel repeller

Tilt-n-Spin Squirrel repeller

An effective and welfare friendly way to prevent squirrels stealing from bird feeders. The unit is specially calibrated to detect squirrel activity alone, remaining on passive stand-by whenever birds are on the feeder. The battery-powered unit is easy to set up and a safe and effective way to ensure it's the birds that get all the nuts!

How it Works

The Tilt 'n' Spin Repeller is set to detect the tilt caused by a squirrel's bodyweight and activate the battery powered motor for 10 seconds. As the feeder hanging below spins it throws the squirrel off without harm. Feeding birds will not activate the unit, even when several visit the feeder at once. Repeat activation soon trains even the most persistent squirrel to go elsewhere for food.
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