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SportDog Beeper Locator

SportDog Beeper Locator
Choose from high or low volume, three beep-duration settings and four tones. Our Model DSL-400 uses a 3-volt lithium battery that provides hundreds of hours of "on" time. We even give you a battery-check function so you won't get caught with a dead battery. Our lightweight beeper fits most 1-inch-wide collar straps, so you can put it on or take it off as needed.

Listed below are options of the continuous beeping you hear when a dog is on point. When the dog is running, you have the choice of (1) silent mode; (2) 5-second beep duration; or (3) 10-second beep duration. Setting Number 4 is the battery-check.

Standard Beep (S)
Hawk Scream (H)
Bobwhite Call (B)
Trill Tone (T)
Battery Check (4)

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