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Sonic Mice & Rat Repeller

Sonic Mice & Rat Repeller

Having trouble with unwanted 'visitors' around your home? If mice, rats or other pests are causing havoc in your house, garden, shed or workplace, you'll want a product that really works. STV have produced the well-known Big Cheese brand of pest control systems for a wide range of unwanted guests in and around your home or workplace. STV717 sonic mouse and rat repeller simply plugs in to any household socket and will give your home protection 24/7 using ultrasonic sound waves, up to 400 square feet (37 square metres). It is safe for use around cats and dogs. The STV717 is a maintenance-free unit--you need to do nothing to it, just plug it in and switch on for full protection, and it has a low cost operation. There is a test button fitted to the front and halo-red LED for easy checking of operation.

NOTE: It is harmful to domestic pets such as hamsters and gerbils.

Product Code: STV717

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