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Equine Antiseptic Spray 750ml

RenaSan Equine Antiseptic Spray is a revolutionary, clinically proven, antiseptic, utilising hypochlorous, the super effective naturally ocurring biocide found in all mammal and avian immune systems. RenaSan kills all types of harmful pathogens and is antibacterial, antifungal and sporicidal. 

Kills 99.9999% of pathogens on contact.

Packed in a 750ml trigger spray for equestrian use. Use against the bacteria and infections that cause or are associated with mud fever, ringworm, scald, thrush and many more.

Perfect to use on cuts and grazes to prevent infection on horses and ponies.

100% natural, pH neutral, non-irritating and non-sting. Also safe if licked.

Contains no steroids, alcohol, preservatives or essential oils.

Competition Safe, contains no banned substances.

How to Use

Cuts and wounds: Spray liberally onto affected area at least twice daily and allow to dry naturally. Try to prevent your animal licking area for one minute after application.

Skin disinfection, insect bites etc.: As above.

Hoof: Pour RenaSan into a suitable plastic container and submerge the affected hoof for two minutes. Repeat twice daily. Alternatively spray onto clean upturned frog.

Sheath wash: Apply with a suitable cloth or sponge.

Eye care: Pour gently into affected eye.

Hard and soft surface sanitation: Spray onto affected area for immediate sanitation and odour control.

Can be applied to dressings if required.

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