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Plug-in Insect Killer

Plug-in Insect Killer

ZER736 is a product which can be used to catch flying insects. To use this product: Peel protective cover off adhesive sheet and slide beneath the retaining guides at the back of the insect killer. Select the area worst affected and plug directly into the nearest wall socket. Replace adhesive sheet after one month, or once covered with dead insects. The UV lamp is rated for up to 4,000 hours continuous use. Change at the start of each season or whenever the lamp appears to sparkle. The plastic cap at the top of the lamp is included to make it easier to screw and unscrew. The unit can be operated either with or without the plastic cap in place.

  • Blue-light insect attractant with adhesive insect catcher
  • 4 spare biodegradeable adhesive sheets included with starter pack
  • low cost effective control of light-sensitive flying insects
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