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Petsafe 250m Electronic Trainer

Petsafe 250m Electronic Trainer

How does the Petsafe 250m Remote Trainer work?
If you are having trouble with the overall control of your dog and conventional training methods have had limited results or fail when your dog is distracted then you are not alone.
It is well known that the best results in dog training are achieved when the dog gets an immediate response to their behaviour. When used with the vocal or whistle command that is being ignored the remote trainer will firstly emit a beep then give the static correction allowing you to interrupt the dogs behaviour at the time it counts and distract the dog. You can then reissue the command and praise the dog on return. The dog quickly learns to associate the beep and become responsive to that alone. 

•250m/800ft, 1/8 mile Range
•Suitable for Small for Large Dogs
•8 Levels of electronic pulse intensity adjusted from the Transmitter
•Beep function
•Momentary Nick stimulation.
•Boost stimulation


•Button ON/OFF system.

•Waterproof & Rechargable Collar

•add-a-collar to expand to 2 or 3 dog trainer

•Rechargable handset

•Three Year Warranty

•CE approved

The Petsafe 250m Trainer is adjustable through 8 levels of static correction that allow you to adjust the level to suit your dogs sensitivity from a dial on the handset.

With a range of up to 250m on an AM frequency. Using the correction button on the handset the electric collar unit will emit a beep first before the dog receives a static correction. The beep only button allows you to give the dog a beep only. Waterproof collar and handset.

Temporary safety shut off occurs when a button has been held down for 8 seconds or longer (will reset when button is released)

Although recommended for dog of 3.5kg +. The Petsafe 250m is suitable for all dog sizes and ideal for training on the park or in the field.

Kit Contains

Petsafe receiver collar - Remote Handset - Handset & Collar charger unit - Tester bulb - Operating instruction manual - Remote neck strap


 - Weight:100g - 4oz
 - Size: 30mm x 65mm x 40mm
 - Collar size: from 16cm to 60cm
 - 20hr battery life between charge
 - Waterproof

 - Weight: 60g - 3oz
 - Size: 125mm x 45mm x 25mm
 - Rechargeable
 - Neck Cord

The Dummy Collar Issue
Do I need a dummy collar? No. The ultimate goal when buying and using a remote trainer is to have a well trained better behaved dog that no longer requires a remote trainer.
A dummy collar is only used when the dog has become 'collar aware' meaning he is responsive when wearing the collar and misbehaves when not wearing the collar, you want to avoid this. This results in the dog requiring the training collar at all times, partially defeating the object of buying a remote trainer.
This situation can be avoided be simply allowing the dog to wear the training collar in the first few days without receiving a correction, so when you begin the training and he does receive the correction it will not be associated with the collar itself.



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