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Petsafe Petporte Microchip Cat Flap - Brown

Petsafe Petporte Microchip Cat Flap - Brown

Shop Seconds - The item is brand new but has been used for display purposes. The box may arrive less than perfect and some of the screws/metal parts may show tarnish. 30 day warranty

No collar needed -No need to risk having your cat caught on its collar

Operated by your cat's microchip - Reads your cat's existing microchip

Helps keeps out unwanted cats - Strong door and locking mechanism

Fits common glass and door cat flap openings - Easily fits common 17cm square openings or 21cm diameter holes

Automatically detects light levels - With most road traffic accidents occurring at night, you have the option to keep your cat indoors during hours of darkness

Optional battery backup - In the case of a power failure an optional PP3 backup battery ensures that the cat flap won't fail

Vet mode allows you to keep your cat indoors - Sick cats can be kept in until fully recovered

Optional audible beep on entry - Lets you know when your cats are home

Improved weather- proofing - A magnetic latch and combined draught excluder helps keep the weather outside

Two button operation -A simple interface to control the cat flap's features

Programmable for up to 31 of your cats - REALLY cat mad? No problem!

Intelligent memory system - Cat's microchips are remembered even after a power cut

Works with UK & European 15 digit microchips - Including Bayer Tracer and most other major manufacturers.

Low voltage power supply - No batteries to replace so your cat can always come back inside. Greater read-range and reliability. Better for the environment

Technical Specifications:

Exterior Dimensions: 232mm x 232mm x 49mm (width, height, thickness)

Interior Dimensions: 160mm x 160mm x 49mm (width, height, thickness)

Porch Dimensions: 195mm x 37mm x 142mm

Power Supply: 12V DC 1.2 Watts

Approval: BS3535 / EN60742

Readable Microchips: FDX-B in accordance with ISO 11784 / 11785

Tunnel Extensions:

We can supply additional tunnel extensions (one already included with the flap) for when going through a thick wall or door, each one measures 40mm and they just clip together to form one long section.

Power Cable Extensions:

We can supply additional 5m cable extensions for when your power supply is further than 1.8m away from the flap.

30 day Warranty

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