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Pet Loo Replacement Grass

Pet Loo Replacement Grass

The synthetic grass pad is a replacement for the Pet Loo grass. The special fabric is specially designed for the Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet, with small holes to allow your pet’s urine to properly drain into the waste container. 

Key Features

  • Pet Loo replacement synthetic grass pad
  • Special fabric with drainage holes
  • Appealing to dogs because it feels like real grass
  • Easy to keep clean—wipe daily with warm water and spray weekly


  • Compatible with the Pet Loo™ Portable Pet Toilet

More Information

Cleaning Tips:

Daily: Pour warm water over the grass to flush out extra urine.

2-3 times per week: Spray the Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet and grass with Wee Care and allow to dry.

Weekly: Thoroughly spray the Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet with Wee Care™ Cleaner and leave for 5-10 minutes. Remove the grass and wash down the entire unit with a hose, shower or sink sprayer. Allow it to dry completely.

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