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Owl Statue

Owl Statue
Pigeons or other bird pests can be an annoyance around your home, whether it's roosting in the eaves of your house or messing up your garden ornaments or furniture. STV have produced this great ornament/deterrent for a natural way to protect from roosting birds.

The STV966 is a lifelike owl with big bold eyes and is natural in colouring for maximum impact. This will help to deter unwanted birds from visiting your garden. The owl will last for years as it is weatherproof and made from a durable construction. In order to stop this owl from spinning it can be mounted against a flat background such as a fence or a tree as it is backless.

17" long-eared owl acts as an effective deterrent against roosting birds
Life-like eyes and colouring for maximum impact
Durable construction of owl fascia
Can be hung or fixed to hard surfaces
Our Price: £6.99 Inc VAT

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