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Innotek Advanced Rechargeable Fence

Innotek Advanced Rechargeable Fence

The Innotek Advanced Pet Containment System SD-2100E with Rechargeable receiver collar is ideal for gardens of up to 25 acres. With a patented run-through prevention and time out system your dog will quickly learn the limit of their boundary. Supplied with 150m of boundary wire the kit supllied will enclose about half an acre. Extra wire required to enclose large areas. Available from British Dog supplied in 100m, 250m or 500m rolls.

The ultra-compact rechargeable receiver weighs only 100g and is fully waterproof. Simply rest the receiver collar on top of transmitter to overnight fully recharge. With a bult in recharge reminder your dog should never have the opportunity of a flat battery to make an escape.

In case of a power cut the Innotek Advanced Fence will continue to contain your dog with it's own battery back-up. Requires 6 AA batteries (not included). Also includes a reminder for the batteries to be replaced. The Innotek Advanced Fence has a built in boundary check that displays the system status and will alert you if there is a break in the boudary wire.

Additional receiver collars available to allow you to contian any number of dogs on the one boundary system.

Contain your dog safely and with peace of mind that he will remain in your garden under any eventuality.

The Innotek Advanced Fence SD-2100E Pet Containment System includes:

  • 150 metres of boundary wire
  • Indoor wall-mounted transmitter with audible and visual wire break alarm
  • Rechargeable receiver collar
  • Full installation and training instructions
  • DVD training video
  • Training flags
  • Neon light to test receiver
  • Wire connectors, mounting screws, spanner, and extra posts

Download Innotek Advanced Fence SD-2100 Instruction PDF

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