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DogTrace Pet Containment Fence

DogTrace Pet Containment Fence

The electronic invisible DogTrace™ D-Fence will help you to limit the range of movement of your dog, create the 'prohibited zones', without restrictung its freedom of movement. It activates itself when the dog approaches the zone. This system is suitable for any type of area as it is very easy to install by using DIY tools. Thanks to the ergonomic design and low product weight of the collar it is possible to use it even for small dog breeds. Collar is compact and waterproof. There is no limit for the number of dogs wearing electronic collars within the range of one transmitter. 3 Year Warranty.

NEW! Unique to the Dog Trace d-fence, Signal Interference Indicator. Locates the correct wire placement and ensuring optimum perfornance. Prior to installing the wire, using the receiver collar, the installer can check that the intended wire route is free from or has only low interference from external radio signals that might be caused by underground power cables or other radio sources.

For the system to operate, the wire must be connected to the transmitter and it must form an uninterrupted wire loop. Unreel the wire from the transmitter round your piece of land. The wire can be laid on the ground, slightly buried (max. 10 cm deep), or it can be fixed to the existing fence or wall (in this case max. up to 30 cm above the ground).

Advantages of the invisible D-Fence

  • Very easy and fast installation
  • Cheap and very flexible way of fencing your land – if needed, within a moment you can change the whole fencing to suit your current needs (fencing round the swimming pool, flower beds, rockery, entrance door to your house...)
  • Fence is 'invisible', it does not interrupt the view to your neighbourhood or does not destroy the garden aesthetically
  • You can only improve your existing fence that your dog often fights with (jumps over, goes under, chews away...)
  • In the area you have set up you can keep any number of dogs you like
    „Your dog will only learn where he can and where he is prohibited to go and he can move freely round your whole garden.“


  • On stand-by mode fence waits until your dog approaches the forbidden zone (created by an isolated wire like an aerial) which is divided into two zones
  • If your dog enters the first (warning) zone, the collar releases a bleep sound
  • If your dog then enters the second (correction) zone, the collar releases an electrical impulse to addition of the bleep sound
  • When the dog leaves the zones the system goes back into stand-by
  • Width of both zones can be adjusted within certain limits
  • Dogs learn very quickly to get round within defined territory
  • Training markers around allocated territory can increase its effectiveness
  • The number of dogs wearing collar on the system is not limited



  • First zone (warning): adjustable between 0.4 - 5 metres
  • Second zone (correcting):adjustable between 0.3 - 1.5 meters
  • Wire (100m included)
  • Power supply: adapter 203 V/ 50 Hz, 15 V/ 100 mA
  • Dimensions (length x wideness x height): 150 x 120 x 40 mm


  • Measures: 34 x 40 x 62 mm
  • Weight: 65 grams (box, battery)
  • Power supply: CR2 3V lithium battery
  • Battery lifetime: 6 months on a stand-by position
  • Adjustable lengths of collar: 20 – 70 centimetres
  • Waterproof, reliable in all conditions
  • 8 adjustable stimulation levels for all dog sizes and sensitivity level

Supply includes

100m wire
Power adapter
2 connectors for connecting wires
Electrodes 17 mm
Electrodes 12 mm
CR2 3V lithium battery
Neon test discharge lamp

Optional accessories
Collar for another dog
Plastic flags for marking zones
100m of insulated wire
Spare battery

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