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DogTrace X20 GPS Tracker

DogTrace X20 GPS Tracker

DOGTRACE X20 GPS is a device used for detection (localization) of your dog up to a distance of 20 km. It consists of a transmitter, which is placed on the dog collar and a receiver (handheld device) on which the handler monitors the position and the distance of the dogs. The transmitter obtains its location from the GPS satellites and with help of a radio frequency signal (RF) transmits the information about the position to the handlers receiver.

On the receiver display you can also check strength of RF signal, GPS signal and accumulator status of the transmitter and the receiver.


  • Keep track of your dog up to 20 km

  • Safe for use on all breeds

  • Expandable up to 9 dogs with additional collars

  • Waterproof & Rechargeable

  • Compass, Fence & Beeper Functions

  • High Sensitivity GPS

  • Clear Display, Simple Control

  • Battery Life more than 40 Hours

  • 3 year warranty

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