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Big Fly Catcher Bucket

Big Fly Catcher Bucket
Big Fly Bucket attracts and trap flies outdoors to prevent them infesting the home. Effective fly attractant attracts and kills up to five times more. Its tried and tested. Flies get in, but can't get out. Suitable for outdoor use only. Attracts flies up to 10 m away. Buzz Fly Catcher can be used around live stock, garden, patio, camping and also outdoor pet areas. flies love it - the secret is in the bait. Refillable using STV507 Bait Refill.
  • Reusable bucket trap
  • Includes effective attractant
  • Suitable for outdoor use attracts flies up to 10 m radius
  • Flies get in and can't get out
  • Refillable using big fly bucket bait refill STV507
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