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Berber Fleece Crate Mat

Berber Fleece Crate Mat
Berber fleece dog mat. Practical dog mat made in thick brown berber fleece. The bed features extra stitching to retain the mats shape during use and washing. Multi purpose mat to use in the home, car, crate and kennel. The fabric is soft with natural insulating properties. Available in 2 sizes Small & Medium.


Measurements are taken from edge to edge on the length of the product.

Size L x W x H Typical Breed
Small (£9.99) 21'' x 14'' x 6'' Yorkshire Terrier
Medium (£12.49) 27'' x 18.5'' x 3.2'' Jack Russell
Large (Out of Stock) (£16.99) 33'' x 22.5'' x 3.5'' Beagle, Cocker Spaniel
XLarge (Out of Stock) 39.5'' x 27.5'' x 4'' Labrador, Boxer
XXLarge (Out of Stock) 47.5'' x 31.5'' x 5'' German Shepard, Rottwieler
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