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Fence Installation Tips

Fence Installation

The installation is of a Radio Fence is very straight forward and does not require professional fitting. There are a few hints to keep in mind when fitting.

  • The usual wire set up will follow the line of your boundary to form a large loop to enclose the dogs.

  • The wire can cut across a lawn or access into other parts of the garden if you prefer to keep the dogs out.

  • The transmitter will need to be housed within a weatherproof area with power e.g. a garage, shed, or stable block. The closer to the boundary the better.

  • The boundary wire does not need to be buried at can be attached to existing fencing or walls, can be placed through a hedge or shrubbery. Just keep it out of harms way, harm being the mower, trimmer or even the local rabbit population.

  • Flower beds, ponds or pools can be protected by simply extending the wire in from the boundary and around the desired area.

  • When crossing a gateway the wire can be buried 2 - 3 inches under ground.

  • If there are vehicles or animals using the gateway and the wire may get damaged then the wire can be passed through hosing to protect it.

  • When installing a parallel loop set up along one or more boundaries the wires must be installed at least 3-4 feet apart.

  • When the wires leave the transmitter unit and head for the boundary the two wires can be twisted around each other to null the signal along this stretch still allowing the dogs to cross these wire.

  • To enclose the front and back gardens of a semi-detached house and still allow the dogs access to the house the boundary wire can be fitted to the house at a height to allow the dog to pass beneath the radio signal.

  • When connecting the wires to increase the size of the area a water tight connection is preferable but you can simply use insulation tape to protect the join.

For advice on installation or training please call 0800 783 9522 (freephone)

For advice on boundary layout email (help@britishdog.co.uk) a sketch of your property layout showing; boundary type eg. stock fence, walls, hedges etc, nearest power points and gate access and we will be happy to advise your required set up.

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