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Remote Training Collar FAQ's

Remote Training Collar FAQ’s

My dog is 9/10th’s well trained, responds well to recall, sit stays etc until a distraction comes along, whether this is another dog, a jogger, rabbit, fox, sheep or cyclist. I have tried trainers and behaviourists without success, will a training collar work?

In a situation where the dog is in general very well behaved/trained without distractions around, but chooses to ignore your comands when the distraction is present a training collar is very effective. It allows the owner in essence to gain the dogs attention over a long distance, distracting a chase and bringing the attention back to the owner allowing the dog to be redirected with a command.

Are training collars really that effective?

Yes. After using a training collar many owners are surprised at just how effective they are, and this is often after previously seeking professional training that has not achieved a result. Quickly, within a day or two, the dog becomes responsive to commands and then even if the collar does need to be activated it will be just the bleep tone and no need for any stimulation.

What are training collars used for?

A remote training collar is used as a last resort when all other training has been exhausted. The main reason for using a training collar is recall to a chase, whether this is when a dog is fixated on a scent, has spotted a quarry, chasing livestock or horses, cyclists and joggers.

Will a training collar hurt my dog?

No, the stimulation level is adjustable and you always start on the lowest level. You then gradually increase the level until you notice a small response from the dog, at this point you treat the dog. Once you have the response level there is no need to increase it.

Will my dog just run off in the opposite direction?

No, because your dog will have heard your recall commnad but has chosen to ignore it because the distraction ‘offers more’ then when the collar activates you now have the dog’s attention. Give your recall command again to redirect your dog and the dog will be on it’s way back to you.

I have not used a remote training collar before do we get training instructions?

All training collar are supplied basic training instructions. For the very best results and guidance, we recommmend the training DVD called Just Right by Robin MacFarlane. This DVD demonstrates the very best methods for remote training collars.

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